At this time (January 12, 2021), there are a few Las Vegas strip clubs open.  They are open as bikini bars and they abide by COVID guidelines and restrictions.  This means that occupancy levels are quite limited due to social-distancing requirements as set by the state of Nevada.  Barstools and tabletops are separated and further apart than usual.  Employees, dancers and guests must wear masks that meet the COVID guidelines.  Good news is if you have a drink in front of you, no mask if required.  So basically guests have to wear a mask in order to enter the club and once you sit down with a drink, you can take the mask off!

Table of Contents

Which clubs are open?

The strip clubs that are open as bikini/lingerie bars are Hustler Club, Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino, Palomino Club, Déjà Vu Showgirls, Centerfolds, Chicas Bonitas, and Play It Again Sam.  All of them are operating seven nights a week.

All strip clubs are currently repurposed as bikini bars or lounges.  Strippers can wear bikini or lingerie and they can not go topless or bottomless on stage.

Can I still get a lap dance?

Lap dances in open seating is restricted.  Some clubs allow lap dances when you rent a private room.  You can find dancers who will do private shows, but this is on a per club basis.  Some clubs have very few dancers because of the COVID restrictions which have hurt attendance at the club greatly.

What are drink prices like?

Drink prices have been risen obviously because of COVID restricting guest capacity.  With less people able to come to the club, the club must raise prices such as admission, drinks, and VIP prices.

Where is the best stage show at?

One of the best stage shows can be seen at Palomino Club.  This is the only club in Las Vegas that can serve alcohol while offering fully nude entertainment.  Right now, Palomino girls must wear lingerie or bikinis and cannot be fully nude.  Still, these beautiful girls are very sexy and alluring.  You will also find premium exotic entertainment at Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire and Hustler.  Hustler currently has the number one stage show in the form of Sexxy After Dark.

Are there any pool parties open?

The only strip club with a pool is Sapphire gentlemens club.  The pool is closed during the winter (duh!) but will reopen in the spring as soon as the weather permits.

When will strip clubs return to normal?

That is a great question.  Right now, the governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, has not given an end time for Nevada’s “pause”.  We have no indication regarding when the strip club scene might go back to normal.  All clubs were shut down in March of 2020.  It’s only been a few months during the winter that the clubs have been allowed to re-open, but at 25% capacity.  This restriction has greatly hurt business for strip clubs and overall tourism in Las Vegas.  While Texas and Florida have strip clubs working as normal, Nevada has harder restrictions and so it will be like this now.

There are petitions and lawsuits pending to end the shutdowns of nightclubs and strip clubs. Hopefully these will pass and the economy in Las Vegas will start back up.  If not, we are in for another dark year.